Jalcomulco historia

Welcome to Jalcomulco! This picturesque village is located on the banks of the Antigua River in its Pescados section. Its location is ideal as it is 30 km from the city of Jalapa, 22 km from the beautiful magical town of Coatepec, famous for its coffee and an hour and a half of beautiful Port of Veracruz.

The beautiful  River Pescados is part of the river Antigua, born in the state of Puebla in southern Cofre de Perote mountain. It runs its final path to low and flat lands of central Veracruz state. The river is undoubtedly the main attraction of Jalcomulco; famous for its rapids class I and III, visitors from all over the Republic and travelers from all over the world come to enjoy white water rafting in its waters.


Jalcomulco has also become a landmark destination for new eco turiristic  experiences in contact with nature and adventure activities; besides rafting, its cliffs and canyons are ideal for  rappelling, climbing, canyoning and ziplining and its beautiful scenery between forests of "mangos" offer wonderful hiking trails and mountain biking. Definitely a destination you can not miss!

Carnal en Jalcomulco, Puente colgante Jalcomulco, artesanías en Jalcomulco
Naturaleza Jalcomulco, Río Pescados
Pico de Orizaba

The traveler who approaches Jalcomulco is immediately dazzled by the beauty of the places on both sides of the road. The right side on a clear day, offers amazing views of the Pico de Orizaba, the highest mountain in Mexico with 5610 m

Behind it you will run into the Cofre of Perote with its teeming forest slopes and in front you will find sequence of ravines and canyons of unparallel beauty whose sight is lost in the horizon.

Jalcomulco was one of the leading producers of mango in all the state of Veracruz. Its origin is quite unknown but there are trees that date from more than 150 years back. Even when the mango production has fallen in the last few years due to the lack of distribution channels, you can still see a bunch of small producers harvesting and commercializing this delicious fruit.

Cultura Jalcomulco

The name of Jalcomulco comes from the Nahuatl:   Xalkomolko, xalli:   sand, and   Komol:  pot  , or   hole, which stands for: in the corner of the arena . The Nahuatl tradition has been almost completely lost and since the early 90s Jalcomulco´s mainly a touristic destination. The different adventure activities offered in the area, can be practiced throughout the year making Jalcomulco one of the most important destination for adventure travel in Mexico.  


In a typical afternoon at Jalcomulco after a long day of activites, people find comfort and relaxation in visiting downtown. The main streed offers a central kiosk and plaza with its beatuiful small cathedral.

You can also find crafts where hand made baskets and river shrimp traps, flower vases and lamps are the most demanded.

During this entertaining walk you cant miss an ice cream wathcing the river flow from the hanging wooden bridge that divides the town from Rodavento Natural property.

Café en Jalcomulco, carnaval en Jalcomulco, artesanías en Jalcomulco
Los alrededores de Jalcomulco, Jalcomulco y sus alrededores

Jalcomulco sorrundings offer a vast range of options that deserve visiting. The magical town of Coatepec, renown for its coffe harvesting and brewing. You can enjoy a delicous coffee in the beautiful main square.

While in Coatepec, you can´t miss the Resobado bakery, famous for its wooden oven bread and because its facade has remained intact   for the last 100 years.

For plant lovers, The botanical garden in coatepec, immerse in the Bosque de Niebla (fog forest) exhibits around 6,000 pieces that belong to 700 species.

 Jalapa, Veracruz capital is another close destination to visit.

The beatuiful cobblestone main square and cathedral and the Antropology Museum of Jalapa which is the second most improtant one in Latin America, being Mexico´s City the first one, are a must.

A little bit further, you can visit Xico. This beautiful place is renown for its amazing waterfall "velo de novia"and its prehispanic and colonial constructions.

One hour and a half from Jalcomulco, you can visit Veracruz, known as "Mexico´s door to the world", it is the most important port in the country. 

Amazing culture and tradition. The Veracruz Acuarium and tje Café de la Parroquia are a must while visitng the city.


Coatepec, acuario de Veracruz, Museo del Café Apan, Jardín Botánico de Jalapa